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Our Driver reviewed the new MAN TGX for Trucker's World!

Our Driver reviewed the new MAN TGX for Trucker's World!

The Polish driver Wiktor Komorowski loves variety. That’s precisely why he loves his job as a long-distance truck driver – because every trip is different, and he never knows what to expect.

Being a long-haul driver means that Wiktor is on the road often and for long periods of time; some of his trips take him to the northern part of Norway, for example. This makes comfort very important.  For him, one of the most important things is to have a comfortable driving position – which is one of the advantages of his new MAN TGX. “It’s perfect – I can adjust the seat and steering wheel exactly to my needs in the new truck. Even on long journeys, the set seat position never becomes uncomfortable.”

He feels the MAN SmartSelect system, which he uses to operate different applications easily from the cab using the rotary pushbutton control, also deserves some praise. And as he drives long distances, the MAN Adaptive Cruise Control is yet another important aid which he would not like to do without. “MAN Cruise Control works perfectly for long journeys on motorways,” says Wiktor.

New places, new people – no two days are the same
Before he became a professional truck driver, Wiktor tried other jobs. “I never liked being in the same place for eight hours a day,” he remembers. “Thanks to this job, I’m in a different place each day, and there’s no risk of it becoming routine.” He made the decision to become a truck driver after sitting in the co-drivers seat on a journey with a colleague. He hasn’t looked back since.

“It’s safe to say driving is my dream job. A lot of my friends from school are drivers too, and we often see each other on the road.”
He also meets new people every day in his job, he adds. In the business he works for, too, relationships play an important role. “When I started working at Imex Logistics, everyone was ready to offer me help and advice. More experienced drivers gave me their numbers so I could call them if I had any problems. It’s a similar situation with the managers. We can always call them and ask for help. We have a great team, and we always look out for each other.” Just like with his MAN TGX, Wiktor’s choice of the employer has also proven to be the right partner.


[Text is taken from the website www.man-truckers-world.pl. The original text is available at this link: https://truckers-world.eu/uk/2021/07/the-right-partner-for-the-job/]