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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

This document defines the principles of processing and protection of personal data of potential and current business partners (in particular customers and suppliers) IMEX Logistics sp. O.o., ul. Rolna 1, 63-100 Śrem, Tax Identification Number: PL4990630528, hereinafter referred to as the Data Administrator.
I. Definitions 


1.       Cookies - means IT data, in particular, small text files, saved and stored on devices through which the User uses the Website pages. 

2.      Website - means the website belonging to the Administrator. 

3.      Device - means an electronic device through which the User gains access to the Website. 

4.      User - means an entity that uses the content and functionality available on the Administrator's Internet Services or for whom, in accordance with the Regulations and the law, electronic services may be provided or with whom an Agreement for providing electronic services may have been signed.


II. Data administrator 

IMEX Logistics sp. O.o., ul. Rolna 1, 63-100 Śrem, Tax Identification Number: PL4990630528, 
III. Legal basis 

In the processing of personal data, the Administrator applies the principles set out in applicable law, including in particular the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data and Regulations of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and the repeal of Directive 95/46 / EC ("RODO").

IV. The purposes of data processing and the period of their storage

The administrator processes personal data only to acquire clients/suppliers, to make offers for order/contracts and after-sales service of the offered goods and services and to send personalized commercial information. In particular the Administrator processes personal data to: 

·       set up an account on the Website 

·       for personal contact, by phone or by e-mail 

·       for sending ordered information and advertising materials and offers 

·       to order fulfillment / contract 

·       for implementation of a service or complaints application 

·       for after-sales service 

·       for possible redress 

·       for adaptation of Internet Services to the needs of Users, 

·       for creating reports and analyzes regarding the Website's functionality, including viewership statistics 


These data will be kept for the period necessary to perform the contracts, including the provision of maintenance services (warranty and post-warranty). After this time, the data is stored solely for the purpose of claiming and sending personalized commercial information.
V. The scope and method of data storage 

The administrator collects personal data in the process of acquiring a client/supplier, performing offerings, an order/contract and after-sales service of offered goods and services. The administrator acquires data including : name and surname of the natural person (including business person), his/her adress, Tax Identification Number, name and surname of the contact person in the company, his/her position, department, e-mail and telephone number, and in the case of using the Administrator's Internet services also the IP address of the device, used by the User. The data is stored by the Administrator in a format that allows it to be transferred. 
Providing personal data is voluntary but necessary for the usage of selected functionalities  of Internet services, and for sending offers, orders, contracts, and for the sake of service, assembly, etc.
The transfer or other ways of  sending of the acquired personal data to third parties or companies does not occur, unless such data is necessary for proper performance of the contract, consideration of claims or repairs under warranty or warranty or sending the catalog by traditional post. This applies in particular to transport, forwarding, courier, repair and service companies. 
The data controller also declares that he entrusts the storage and/or processing of personal data referred to in the Privacy Policy to entities providing to the Administrator, among others hosting, automatic marketing and message optimization services for the Administrator's Internet services. The services are provided to the Administrator on the basis of written contracts.
Regardless of the above, in case of express agreemnet with the User, his personal data is processed in order to receive commercial information, and in particular to send the ordered newsletter to the indicated e-mail address.
VI. Data collected automatically 

The administrator informs that when using his Internet services, data is also collected automatically. This data can be collected by Cookies and by the automatic marketing system. 
The administrator informs that from the moment a User opens  our Website in our system log, the information is recorded concerning the IP number of the User and the type of user's end device, from which the user connects to the Website. The administrator informs that, in accordance with the law, he also processes data regarding, among other things, the IP number and type of the user's end device as well as the time of connection between the user and the Website and other operational data regarding the user's activity on the Website. The described data is processed for technical purposes in order to adapt the Website to the needs of users and to collect general statistical information on the functioning of the Website.

1. The administrator uses cookies for  Website configuration:

- for adjusting the content of the Website in order to ensure its functionality and customer friendliness 

- for recognizing the device of the Website User and its location and for displaying  the website properly and a way that its adapted to the Users individual needs; 

- for remembering the settings chosen by the User e.g. the selected language or the region the User comes from and for personalizing the User interface;

- for remembering the history of websites visited by the User in order to recommend content


2.     Implementation of processes necessary for proper functioning of websites adjusting the content of the Website to the User's preferences and optimizing the functionality of the Website. These files allow an particulary the recognishing  of basic parameters of the User's device and a proper display of the website whitch is than cutom-tailored to the Users individual needs; 

3.     to ensure the safety and reliability of the service 

4.     for presenting multimedia content on our Website which is downloaded from external website such as www.youtube.com [cookie administrator: Google Inc. with its registered office in the USA]

5.     for collecting general and anonymous static data via analytical tools of Google Analytics [cookie administrator: Google Inc., based in the USA] 

6.     furthermore we use  third-parties cookies to link our site with Facebook to give our visitors the opportunity to share informations directly via this platform [cookie administrator: Facebook Inc. with its registered office in the USA or Facebook Ireland with its registered office in Ireland] 

7.     in order to adjust the advertising content to the interests of Website Users

At any time the User may independently change the settings regarding the access to his location to his device and also the settings specifying the conditions for their storage of the cookies. Changes to the settings referred to in the previous sentence, can be made using the web browser settings. These settings can be changed in such a way that the automatic handling of cookies will be blocked in the browser or the User will be informed about cookies being placed on his device every time it hapened. Detailed information about the possibilities and ways of handling cookies are available in the software (web browser) settings. 
The User may delete Cookie files at any time using the functions available in the web browser he uses. Limiting the use of cookies may affect functionality of the Website.


VII. The right of access to data, rectification, deletion or limitation of processing or opposition to processing, as well as the right to data transfer
Everyone whose personal data is collected by the Administrator may demand: 

             • the right to access the data 
             • data rectification, deletion or limitation of processing of the data 
             • or objection to processing 
             • as well as to transfer of the data 
In addition, anyone whose personal data is collected may object to it and not agree on adjusting the content of the Website to the User. To make use of the rights mentioned above, please contact the Administrator via email: biuro@imex-logistics.pl. The administrator will need the demands of the person concerned within 30 days.  In some cases the period may be extended to 90 days. However, you should be aware of a fact that deletion, limitation, their transfer, and objection to the processing of data may affect the functionality of services provided and even result in the impossibility of carrying out the services. The objection to the processing of personal data does not apply to obligations concluded an accordance with the law because of legal requirements among others claims.
In the event of the Data Administrator requesting permission for sending commercial information electronically, the person who has consented has the right to withdraw. In order to do this, you are requested to click on the link to the withdrawal of a permit whitch is in the text of the commercial information or you may send us an e-mail notifying of the withdrawal of your permit: biuro@imex-logistics.pl.
VIII. Data safety 

The data controller declares to be doing his best to provide clients with a high level of security of processing their data. All events affecting the security of data processing should be reported to the e-mail address: biuro@imex-logistics.pl. 
The data controller declares that he entrusts the storage and/or processing of personal data referred to in the Privacy Policy, to entities providing  services to the Administrator, among others hosting, automatic marketing and message optimization services in the area of ​​the Administrator's Internet services. In case of order / agreement handling, complaints or service requests: to transport, forwarding, courier, repairs, service companies, etc.
IX. Final Provisions 

Anyone whose personal data is collected by the Administrator has the right to submit a complaint to the competent supervisory authority if he or she considers that the processing of personal data violates applicable provisions regulating the processing of personal data: the Personal Data Protection Act or the General Data Protection Regulation. 
The Data Administrator reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy by publishing a new privacy policy on this page.